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Try out the web version of PrintMyCal at www.printmycal.com!

The desktop version will still be available here, but no new updates are being planned.  If you find that the calendar file is corrupted or doesn’t look right for a month that end on a Saturday, you can find a workaround on the Support Page.

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Print My Cal was created by Kevin L. Draper, and support is provided by Sallie Draper.

The Print My Cal Story

The use of shared Google Calendars has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on our church office!!!  All of the staff members can update the calendar, and Google Calendars are easily embedded on our church and school web sites.

But when it comes to printing the calendar for the church newsletter, the Google Calendar reviews aren’t so glowing.  The print options are limited and long event descriptions get cut off, making the output unacceptable for publishing.

Print My Cal was developed to fill that need.  Now congregations (or any organization or individual Google Calendar user for that matter) can obtain a nicely formatted,editable and printable version of their Google Calendars.  Print My Cal outputs a landscape RTF document which should open in any standard Windows-based word processor.

If you find this program helpful, consider a donation via PayPal toward its development.

Thanks for your support!

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